Mortgage rates are the lowest in 3 years! AA-Stars


Academy’s 180-DAY EXTENDED LOCK lets you lock in a great rate today if you’re still looking for your dream home or your home builder needs more time!

Academy’s 180-Day Extended Lock for 30-year Conventional Loans includes a float-down option that allows you to reduce the interest rate if market rates decline. The float-down can only be applied once during the lock period and must be exercised within 30 days prior to closing. The float-down is applicable for the lesser of 30 days or through the remainder of the lock-in period, whichever expires first. This does not extend the rate lock period.

Call your Academy Loan Officer today about locking in a great rate for your home!

*An upfront fee of 0.500% of the proposed loan amount applies; this fee is refundable at closing. The upfront fee is due within five Academy business days of the signed and dated Extended Rate Lock Disclosure and Agreement. Fees not received in Academy’s Home Office in Draper, Utah, within five Academy business days will result in the lock being canceled. The upfront fee is refundable, prior to lock expiration, if the loan closes or the application is denied. The upfront fee is not refundable if the lock is canceled or expires, or if the upfront fee is not received at the Academy Home Office within five business days after the signed and dated Extended Rate Lock Disclosure and Agreement is obtained. The Extended Lock option is a guarantee of an interest rate but is not a commitment to lend. Loans are subject to approval; restrictions apply. This offer is subject to change without notice.

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